Hello, I am The Atheist Mom.  I created this blog in response to my own skepticism. I was raised in the northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia area and still reside there with my lovely husband and our two young children.  Although my conservative upbringing may seem strange to people outside the southern bible belt, unfortunately it was/is the norm for this area.  Looking back on my life I realize I have always questioned things to myself but pushed those aside like any good Christian girl would do.  I started openly discussing my skepticism with my husband in December 2012.  Surprisingly he had the same questions I did.  Together we started a long journey of reading, researching, thinking and questioning.  During this time I slowly began to cast off the burdensome shackles of religion and now consider myself a skeptic.  While I have “come out” to a handful of family and friends, I still maintain an anonymous identity for now.  I know this may seem cowardly or even hypocritical (I have felt both at times).  However, because of declining health conditions in a close family member, who ironically is the most devout Christian I know, it seems this is the best decision for now.  Thanks for checking out my blog and feel free to leave comments or contact me!

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